On Saturday December 3rd, store716.com is collaborating with RiverWorks to host SEVENONESIXMAS. This will be Buffalo’s premier opportunity to shop local this holiday season. This will be a free event, opened to the public from 11am-6pm and will take place in the center of RiverWorks, which is actually the roller derby rink.

We are currently accepting vendor applications from local merchants to participate in our event. The cost per table is $100. This fee provides each vendor (1) table as well as an integrated promotional campaign featuring radio and online advertising. The vendor application deadline is November 23, 2016. Please keep in mind, there are a limited number of spots available. Vendors will be accepted on a first come, first served basis to avoid repeating items.

Between multimedia advertising combined with other local events in the area, we are expecting this event to generate a lot of business for vendors. During SEVENONESIXMAS, RiverWorks will be simultaneously hosting a youth hockey tournament which provides guaranteed foot traffic. The Sabres will be playing Boston that day at 1pm which will generate an additional 18,000 people downtown. In addition to these events, RiverWorks has a full bar and restaurant open to the public along with concession stands that serve hot dogs, burgers, popcorn, etc.

Together with the most talented and unique vendors WNY has to offer, we are hoping to make this Buffalo’s “DEFINITIVE” shop local” holiday shopping event.

We’re filling up fast so please register ASAP.

Hope to see you there!


**Please note, we are not allowed to accept any FOOD vendors. Sorry.**



Conditions of Show – Applicable to all vendors and their assistants

SEVENONESIXMAS will provide an integrated promotional campaign featuring radio and online advertising.

To ensure our high standards, we maintain an invitation only process so only the best vendors are selected to participate in our shows.

To those of you who exhibit in our show, THANK YOU in advance for your loyalty and professionalism that help us keep our high standards.

  • Set up: 8am-10:30am. All tables MUST be set and ready BY 10:30am. Please allow yourself enough time set up time.
  • The show will run from 11am to 6pm. Please be prepared to begin selling AT 11am.
  • No early break downs.
  • A table will be provided for you.
  • Vendors may not sublet or apportion space to anyone.
  • An accepted application is a commitment to that show. No refunds will be given.
  • New York requires a sales tax number and the original certificate must be displayed at all times.
  • SEVENONESIXMAS reserves the right to make all final decisions concerning the standards of the show.
  • Insurance for loss and liability shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor at their cost.
  • Vendors may arrive and setup as early as 8am. Please bring any and all items necessary to build your display. You will have one full table (8ft) to work with, unless you have requested more. You may use additional space to the side or front of your table for a small standing rack, clothing rack, small stand, or additional products.You may NOT bring additional tables. Tablecloths are NOT provided. Impressive displays are encouraged! Please use your 2+ hour setup time to create an attention-grabbing and attractive display!
  • Vendors are responsible for everything pertaining to their display and merchandise. You should bring any necessary supplies including tablecloths, pens, paper, tape and small bills for change.

SEVENONESIXMAS Vendor Disclaimer:

SEVENONESIXMAS is a free event, opened to the public. However, it is a privately organized event and SEVENONESIXMAS reserves the right to refuse any application without question.

If for any reason, SEVENONESIXMAS does not happen on the specified or the organizers fail to provide the space as promised, a full refund for the table will be granted.

Vendors must charge state sales tax on the items they sell. By agreeing to be a vendor, you acknowledge that you have been made aware of this and cannot hold the organizers of SEVENONESIXMAS, any of the events sponsors, or the venue, RiverWorks, responsible should you be found in transgression of this edict. For more information please visit:


I have read and agree to the terms above.